The Company’s main competitive advantages


JSC "MOESK" has a developed structure of grid operational and process management


  • extensive grid infrastructure of 0.4-220 kV in the most dynamically developing region of the Russian Federation;
  • cable makes up 60% of the distribution network;
  • the ability to ensure any category of reliability in power supplies;
  • an extensive structure for the operational and technological management of grids;
  • an extensive network of customer service centers for grid connection;
  • direct connection to the facilities of end users;
  • a dominant position on the market for power transmission services;
  • the performance of natural monopoly type of activities.


  • a reduction in losses due to the introduction of an internal commercial metering system;
  • increased grid reliability and efficiency due to the introduction of smart grids technology;
  • an increased market share due to the rapid development of grid infrastructure and the absorption of second-tier territorial grid organizations;
  • additional income from non-regulated activities, in particular on the energy services market;
  • the ability to take advantage of RAB tariff regulation to enhance investment appeal and earn additional profit for shareholders.