Repair and operational activity


Increased repair work led to a significant reduction in grid disruptions

Implementation of repair program in 2011

Indicator Plan Actual Program implementation, %
1. Repair of substations, units 56 56 100
2. Repair of PTL, km 4,427 4,764 108
3. Clearing of PTL firebreaks, hectares 3,297 5,075 154

All repair work scheduled for 2011 was fulfilled.

The level of preparedness for the “surprises” of the 2011-2012 winter depended on the timely and high-quality repairs of power grid equipment. Over the past year, the Company implemented all the items contained in the large-scale repair program. In particular, repairs were made at 35-220 kV substations to 291 power transformers, 2,451 breakers, 1,322 disconnectors and 4,407 support post insulators. Repairs were also made to 2,456 distribution and transformer substations with capacity of 6-10 kV.

In 2011, repairs were made to 1,500 kilometers of overhead power transmission lines with capacity of 35-220 kV and 2,900 kilometers of overhead lines with capacity of 0.4-6/10 kV.


In addition, more than 350 kilometers of power transmission cable lines were repaired on the territory of Moscow and the Moscow Region over the last year and 210 power lines with capacity of 35-220 kV were reconstructed with the replacement of poles, wires and insulators.

In order to mitigate the aftermath of the freezing rain, which caused trees to accumulate large amounts of ice and fall on power transmission lines en masse, additional repair work was conducted last year on power transmission lines and the clearing of shrubs from firebreaks. In excess of the plan, 1,423 poles were replaced and repaired, more than 706 kilometers of cables were reconstructed, and more than 417,000 trees were cleared and removed from OL with capacity of 0.4-220 kV.

In addition, non-insulated wires were replaced with self-supported insulator conductors (SIC) in 2011 over an area of 1,401 kilometers of overhead lines with capacity of 0.4-10 kV passing through forests and populated areas. SIC have great advantages compared with non-insulated wires, namely lower operating expenses, a decline in voltage drop due to low reactance, increased reliability in areas of heavy icing, a high level of maintenance safety and a reduction in emergency recovery operations.

Over the reporting period, the Company exceeded the plan for the repair of power transformers by 45%, breakers by 31% and transformer substations by 6%.

The increased repair work resulted in a substantial reduction in technological disruptions, the more stable output of electricity and, as a consequence, a reduction in the Company’s shortfall in income.

Actual expenses on the repair program in 2011 totaled 5,216 million rubles, including 3,085 million rubles using contractors and 2,130 million rubles using the Company’s own resources.