Implementation of the Company’s investment program


Actual implementation
of the 2011 investment


In 2011, JSC “MOESK” exceeded the planned targets for the implementation of its investment program. This is primarily attributable to the improved efficiency of interaction with contractors, who are performing their work ahead of schedule.

The JSC “MOESK” investment program for 2011 was approved by Order No. 428 of the Russian Energy Ministry dated September 28, 2011 and the Board of Directors on October 3, 2011 (Minutes No. 149 dated October 6, 2011) in the amount of 26,889 million rubles.

The actual disbursement of capital investment within the framework of the program for 2011 totaled 29,527 million rubles, or 110% of the plan.

Actual implementation of the 2011 investment program

Name Disbursement,
mln rubles excluding VAT
Commissioning of fixed assets,
mln rubles excluding VAT
mln rubles including VAT
Moscow 18,785 18,648 19,658
Moscow Region 10,742 11,470 12,022
Total for Company 29,527 30,118 31,680