Allocation and structure of capital investments


In 2011, JSC “MOESK” spent more than half (58%) of its total capital investments on the modernization and reconstruction of power grid facilities. The Company invested 10,623 million rubles in the construction of new facilities, or 36% of total capital expenditures. Financing under agreements on the compensation procedure for losses, the acquisition of fixed assets and intangible assets totaled 1,756 million rubles, or 6% of the total investment.

Investment program allocation

Investment activity 2009 2010 2011
Total 21,696 19,531 29,527
Power grid facilities 18,712 17,442 23,799
Modernization and reconstruction 8,314 7,976 17,147
New construction and expansion of existing facilities 10,370 8,817 10,623
Other power grid facilities (automation, telecommunications) 28 650 1,157
Electricity metering and monitoring equipment, including: 492 52 305
ADMC CMEP for the wholesale market within the investment program 24 - -
ADMC CMEP for the retail market 469 52 305
Other electricity metering and monitoring equipment - - -
Construction design and survey work for future years 541 29 989
Other production and business facilities 127 180 862
Equipment not included in the construction site estimate 264 855 1,815
Non-production facilities - - -
Capital investments in intangible assets - - 1
Long-term financial investments - - -
Acquisition of fixed assets (including compensation for losses) 1,559 973 1,756
Disbursement of capital investment for consumer grid connections 17,484 12,637 8,013

Structure of capital investments
in 2011,%


In 2011, JSC “MOESK” implemented the modernization and reconstruction program in the amount of 17,147 million rubles, or 4% more than the planned target of 16,531 million rubles. The Company spent 10.623 million rubles on the construction of new production facilities, or 10% more than the plan of 9,616 million rubles.

Capital investment in the construction and reconstruction of facilities in Moscow totaled 18,785 million rubles in 2011, or 20% more than the plan.

Structure of JSC “MOESK” capital investments in the renovation of facilities in Moscow:

  • modernized and reconstructed facilities – 9,921 million rubles;
  • newly built facilities – 7,266 million rubles.

In the Moscow Region, capital investments totaled 10,742 million rubles, or 96% of the plan of 11.201 million rubles, including:

  • modernized and reconstructed facilities – 7,226 million rubles;
  • newly built facilities – 3,357 million rubles.

Largest facilities commissioned under the JSC “MOESK” investment program in 2011:


  • Butovo SS-220/110/20/10 kV, substation capacity of 200 MVA, total investment of 351 million rubles;
  • Krasnogorskaya-Gertsevo OL-220 kV, put into operation, 5.72 kilometers, total investment of 656 million rubles;

Moscow Region

  • reconstruction of Planernaya SS-110 kV No. 688, OS-110 kV, switchgear-10 kV, including design and survey work (DSW), capacity of 80 MVA, 7.75 kilometers, total investment of 314 million rubles;
  • construction of Fetishchevo SS-110 kV, installation of 2x63 MVA transformers, OS-110 kV under the two main busbar system, IS-10 kV, including DSW, capacity of 126 MVA, total investment of 802 million rubles.
The laying of new power cables in Moscow

Facilities put into operation in 2011 within the framework of Law of the Moscow Government No. 33 dated July 5, 2006 “On the Integrated Development of the Power Supply System of Moscow for 2006-2010 and Investment Programs for the Development and Modernization of the City’s Power Supply Infrastructure”:

  • the reconstruction of the Khutorskaya SS-110/35/6 kV with the incoming Khutorskaya-Gertsevo OL-110 kV, 5.75 kilometers of OL put into operation;
  • CL-110 kV inputs of CHP-12 Ochakovo at MGU SS, 0.77 kilometers of CL commissioned;
  • MGU SS-110/20 kV, 160 MVA commissioned.