Sources of financing for investment program


Structure of investment program financing in 2011

Structure of investment program financing in 2011 mln rubles
Sources of investment, total 29,527
Internal sources of financing Depreciation for the reporting year 15,196
  Unused depreciation of previous years -
  Unused profit of previous years -
  Reporting year profit for use in the reporting year investment program 3,867
  Payment for grid connection 7,122
  Additional share issue -
  Other internal sources of financing 2,317
External sources of financing Budget funds (federal, municipal) -
  Borrowed funds (loan interest) 1,026
  Payment for grid connection – advances -
  Other external sources of financing, including share participation in construction from other sources -

Internal sources of financing made up 97%, or 28,502 million rubles, of the total disbursements in 2011. Borrowed funds accounted for 3%, or 1,026 million rubles.