Fulfillment of key performance indicators


The key performance indicators established for the Company in 2011 were fulfilled.

Key performance indicators for 2011

* Calculated in accordance with the guidelines for calculating and evaluating the key performance indicators of subsidiaries and affiliates as approved by JSC “IDGC Holding.”
Indicator Approved Actual
Return on equity, ROE, %* 7.67 11.96
Electricity losses against output to the grid, % 10.9 10.33
Efficiency of investment program implementation for current year (by deadlines and cost) ≥95 % ≥95 %
Reliability criteria, concurrently:
- not exceeding the cutoff number of accidents 0 0
- system-wide indicator for power supply failures to consumers (for feeders of 6 kV and higher) <1 <1
- system-wide indicator for average duration of power supply disruptions to consumers (for feeders of 6 kV and higher) <1 <1