Information on auditor


The annual general meeting of JSC “MOESK” shareholders approved LLC “FinExpertiza” as the Company’s auditor on June 20, 2011.

Information on auditor

Name LLC “FinExpertiza”
Address 129110, Moscow, Prospekt Mira, d. 69, str. 1
INN 7708096662
KPP 770201001
OKVED 74.12.2, 74.13.1, 80.42
OKPO 46410559
Telephone +7(495) 775-2200
Fax +7(495) 775-2201

LLC “FinExpertiza” is a member of the self-regulatory organization Non-Profit Partnership “Audit Chamber of Russia” (SRO NPP ACR).

The amount of remuneration paid to the auditor for auditing services in 2011 was 2.08 million rubles, including VAT of 0.32 million rubles.

LLC “FinExpertiza” did not render any non-audit services to JSC “MOESK” in 2011.