The consolidation of power grid facilities


The consolidation of power grid facilities owned by JSC “Mosenergo” that are located on the territory of Moscow and the Moscow Region was defined as a priority area of the Company’s activities by the decision of the Board of Directors dated December 23, 2010.

As part of the consolidation of power grid facilities in 2011, agreements were concluded following an auction between JSC “MOESK” and JSC “Mosenergo” for the purchase and sale of moveable and immoveable property included in the Company’s electricity transmission technological process. The Company previously used this property based on lease rights.

The total value of these agreements was more than 673 million rubles, including VAT of 103 million rubles.

In accordance with the agreements, JSC “MOESK” acquired property including the Sumskaya Substation No. 561 with total value of 426 million rubles as well as 54 moveable and immoveable facilities with total value of 248 million rubles.